On a clearly arranged dashboard, all relevant data and facts are instantly available to you at a glance. Individual adjustments can be made according to your needs. Plan your daily tasks using the dashboard and receive a reminder for your appointments. Reports, invoices, parameters and various applications can be accessed through your dashboard.

Manage Samples, Tests and Parameters

Labordatenbank enables you to easily manage all processes in your laboratory using powerful tools to edit, search and analyze your samples. Our modern LIMS checks all data according to the guidelines of accreditation. Labordatenbank provides you with a complete and intuitive overview of your laboratory at any time.

Samples are a core element of your daily work using Labordatenbank. In the list of samples you can see all relevant master data and status information of your samples.

Each sample is assigned its respective identification number. The sample number is being adjusted to your existing numbering system (e.g. consecutive number including year, date or sample number etc.) and automatically assigned to new samples added.

Search and Filter Samples

In order to streamline your workflow, you have the possibility to search and filter samples by client, value, parameter or type of sample. To optimize your search and results displayed, you can combine different filter factors.

This will allow you to always efficiently monitor samples that are due, tolerance-limit violations or other results according to respective search criteria.

Manage Parameters

Define yourself, which analyses, tests and parameters are offered in your laboratory, featuring your selection of units, methods and assessment basis. Using your individual Larbordatenbank, you can choose which values and parameters are displayed in test reports (decimal places, detection limits and significant digits).

Enter Results

In order to efficiently and intelligently manage your samples, it is necessary to enter test results in different ways. Labordatenbank supports you in doing so. Choose your preferred view and enter or import results directly from your analyzer.

Our software enables you to cluster samples and add results. While entering, formulas, detection limits and others are directly recognized.

Labordatenbank is a multiuser system from the ground up. You and your team can work on samples simultaneously, without samples being locked by other users. Labordatenbank ensures your data is always in sync. If results are changed, you can review the history of your samples in an Audit Trail and see all previous values.

Calculate with Formulas

Automatisms and mathematical functions help you to recalculate raw values. Mathematical and logical operations ensure a full functional range. The structure of formulas and functions is similar to MS Excel, which allows for an easy conversion of the existing data structures into Labordatenbank.

Analyses Due in Daily Tasks

An intelligent data base is characterized by its modern and time-based view. Using Labordatenbank you can see at the click of a button, which parameters and samples are due on the respective day and which ones have to be entered. You can avoid missing parameters from now on with an efficient overview.

Working with Mobile Devices (Smartphone and Tablet)

In order to be flexible when you are on the go, Labordatenbank can be accessed from your smartphone and tablet for quick operational readiness.

Conveniently use your intuitive sample management software quickly from anywhere. This way you have access to your client’s data, reports, invoices and offers at any time.

Limit Value Tables, Specifications and Inspection Plans

Define specifications of the central list of parameters, which are required for your sample to be tested on. In parallel, you also have the option to add limit value tables for these. While entering samples, results are tested and displayed in color, therefor required actions such as locking samples or text proposal for test reports, can be taken. Additionally, you can assign tasks to your staff.

Import Results from Analyzers

Labordatenbank allows for an easy and hassle-free import of measured values. Our LIMS supports a variety of analyzers. This enables you to store results from external data sources. Moreover, you can import and position microtiter plates.

Create Lab Reports

Get professional and flawless lab reports featuring a standardized layout with the click of a button. Labordatenbank provides preset report templates that will be filled with your sample data and results in compliance with accreditations.

As soon as relevant results are entered into Labordatenbank, you are able to conveniently create reports. Results of analyses are displayed with their individual layout, based on your methods, assessment limits and decimal places or significant digits. Each report is given a unique ID, will be stored as an unmodifiable file and can be send via email, fax or pdf.

We offer a variety of default templates for layouts, but can also create templates according to your needs.

Manage Tasks

Use tasks to improve your workflow and collaboration. You can set tasks for yourself or colleagues to get reminders for upcoming tasks in your laboratory.

Link tasks to specific samples for reference and quick access to that sample. If you miss a task, you will get a friendly reminder via email, containing a direct link to your task and sample.

Analyze Results

Labordatenbank provides you with powerful tools for analyzing samples according to your needs, whether these are relating to progress, number sequences, histograms, correlation charts or key figures such as processing capability, Cp, CpK. What makes it special is that all statistics and quality indicators are based on up-to-date values stored in your data base. Further, you can directly export generated statistics and key figures to MS excel or other statistics applications.

Quality Indicators - 6-Sigma

Labordatenbank is a quality management software tailored to the requirements of laboratories. Quality indicators and statistical parameters are calculated automatically. Labordatenbank covers key figures of the 6 sigma process such as Cp and CpK values along with variances and others.

Progresses and Time Series

Labordatenbank enables you to create significant and profound progress and result documentation. With only a few clicks you can access data such as ratios of measured values in dependence on time, scatter plots of values in between thresholds or the density of results within minimum and maximum levels.


You can display the actual distribution of measured values using histograms. Compared with the normal distribution, you can immediately recognize any potential emerging imbalances and act accordingly.

Correlation Charts

Minimal effort is required to display significant results of analytic tasks using correlation charts created with Labordatenbank. You can analyze the ratio between density or viscosity and pH levels. This enables you to efficiently evaluate correlations and consider relevant findings in the recipe management.

QC/QA Release System

Monitoring is an important aspect of your sample management. Labordatenbank enables you to overview occurring violations of specifications. The integrated warning function (traffic light function) alerts you about threshold values of samples. You can then immediately block samples, if predefined limits are exceeded. Using the release system, products, batches or samples can be released with a click.

8D Report for Quality Deviations

The 8D Report allows for documentation of quality deviations, defects and corresponding measures using standardized processes in quality management. Following the documentation, you can categorize reported defects and assign them to your teams for problem solving. The defined team will be directly informed about their tasks as well as related updates.

Upload Files, Images and Documents

Labordatenbank supports the upload of files and documents. You can add files (Word, Excel, PDF, Images, scanned documents etc) to existing samples. These files are systematically managed and stored in a file system which is backuped on a daily basis.

Yearly Usage Statistics of Parameters

Professional and meaningful usage statistics, overviews and evaluations can easily and intuitively be created. Each statistic is generated with the click of a button and ready to be exported as MS Excel file.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management is an optional tool of Labordatenbank that can be implemented in order to record the composition of raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of final products. This allows for a high transparency of inspection of incoming and outgoing goods. Further, recipe management enables you to track down possible deficiencies in end products to raw materials.

Manage Clients

Using Labordatenbank’s embedded CRM you can manage your clients including their contact data and have the option to divide them into different groups. You will no longer need to search for informations, contact persons or corresponding samples and will always have an overview of all specific and relevant data. Client data can be imported from external sources or synchronized with existing ERP or accounting systems.

Email Integration with CRM

You and your colleagues can centrally access the digital communication with your clients: emails, offers, memos, test reports and many more. Our intelligent sample management software also enables you to sync you email correspondence with Labordatenbank. Simply by adding the software’s email address in the BCC line, all sent messages will be stored. This way the entire communication with your client is recorded and can be directly accessed through the CRM.

Online Customer Area and Ordering System

You can set up an online customer area for selected clients in Labordatenbank. Clients can then conveniently access test reports, statistics and invoices online, depending on their assigned access rights.

Using the customer area, clients can also directly order new requests for testing. They can enter their sample data and choose the scope of the required analysis before receiving a purchase order PDF file to be sent to your laboratory along with the corresponding samples. Once the samples arrive at the laboratory, all data has already been recorded in the system.


Minimize your administration time! With just a few clicks you can prepare a detailed and order-specific offer using Labordatenbank. Based on the client’s profile, stored data for offers and price lists, offers can be created within seconds.

Labordatenbank provides you with a status overview and allows you to directly generate an order or invoice based on the confirmed offer. Client and order management made simple!

Manage Orders

A professional sample management requires an intelligent order management. Labordatenbank is capable of matching related samples and their corresponding order for invoicing.


Invoices for orders, tests and parameters can be created with minimal effort. Labordatenbank enables you to invoice completed orders with the click of a button. You can automatize all basic invoicing tasks for both individual samples and larger assignments. Incorrect or double charged services are a thing of the past.

At all times you have an up-to-date overview of payment status, invoices due and other informations thanks to the integrated function.

Service Specifications and Price List

The individual sample management software enables you to store your own price lists, which has a crucial advantage: Labordatenbank automatically calculates the costs due based on the price list. Additionally, you have the possibility to enter packages, discounts and special conditions, which are considered by the system for calculating the costs and subsequent invoicing.

Revenue Overview

Labordatenbank’s dashboard gives you an overview of all relevant key figures of your work including revenues and outstanding receivables. Control you payment management and individual claims with a few clicks. By defining cost centers you will receive a more detailed insight into your revenues.

Manage Access Rights

Labordatenbank is equipped with a complete staff management system, within employees can be added, edited and blocked. Being the administrator of Labordatenbank, you have full control over the functions your employees can access, use or manage. The access matrix allows you to enable or disable functions for both individual employees or groups.

Complete Audit Trail

Labordatenbank provides you with a complete audit trail in accordance with DIN/ISO 9001 certifications by logging all entries, measurements and results. Even after years, you will have an exact and clearly defined overview of when, where and by whom test reports were sent to which client.

The audit trail can be filtered by relevant attributes such as samples, client, employee, parameter or time frame. Additionally, a search function enables you to find specific entries or changes made.

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